Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Power of Yes

This is going to get weird. Just sayin'.
Whenever I am at work and my boss offers me extra work, I always say yes. Whenever the Universe presents an opportunity which will better my understanding of myself, I always say yes. (Always and never don't happen so you can see where this is going.) Understanding the dynamics of Quantum Physics dictates the more of a certain energy I put out, the more I get back. And... Quantum Physics dictates the more I say yes to certain things, the more those things will be offered.
I told you this would get weird.
When I was in high school, I wanted to be an architect. I loved the idea of designing something people would enjoy for years. Naturally, I took drafting and architectural courses through high school to the point where I thought I may like to make it my career. Circumstances weren't in my favour. The teacher of all the architectural classes had an issue with me which I never quite understood until later in life.
As it turns out, he and my father didn't get on well during their days in high school and it managed to seep through to me. Two things... My father had nothing to do with the issue. It wasn't his fault an old acquaintance was an ass and I never once blamed him for the troubles. Not once. Second, that a teacher would let his own past affect his judgment when the children land in his class says much more about the teacher than it does about me or my father.
My grades suffered.
Unfortunately, I was a ball of outside-influenced silly putty during those years and, rather than stand up for myself, I switched majors when I landed in university; accounting and computer science. I convinced myself my propensity for solving equations was a better career choice. I was wrong. I had been influenced by an outside source.
Making decisions is difficult enough at times without outside influence. It's difficult to clear the noise of others opinions and really get down to the nuts and bolts of what I want. Trying to listen to my gut when my head is screaming every other person's belief is akin to trying to turn a boat around in a hurricane. The outside influence keeps getting in the way of what I want to do.
Plenty of people use alternative methods for making decisions. Many of those include Tarot cards, horoscopes, ring divining, flipping coins, tossing bones, divining rods, sniffing the wind, etc. Somehow they feel they have some influence over the outcome so the end result must be what they wish. There is some truth to it. For example, if someone is flipping a coin and they are thinking “heads” all of the time, more often than not, heads will come up. (Yes... tests have been done. Sheesh!) The scientific explanation is, if one is thinking “heads” the muscle reaction when flipping the coin and the catching motion will result in heads more often. The reason is, the brain is a super computer and can detect when a coin is ready to turn heads and will try to influence the outcome. Literally, the brain “sees” the coin flipping and can detect heads or tails.
Yup... it works that fast.
However, it isn't a perfect art.
There is something called kinetic decision making and it has to do with muscle reaction. Basically, if you feel “yes”, your muscles react in a certain way and if you feel “no”, they react in another. “Yes” is always the stronger of the two. In order to make a decision, one need only ask a yes/ no question and test for muscle strength. As fate would have it (do fate and decision making marry up?) I am one of those rare people with the ability to test myself. I have only met one other person who had the ability to self test kinetically. I've never tried to test another person. It might be a great laugh to try some day.
This just got weirder, didn't it. ~laugh~
Some decisions, though, are just a gut reaction to whatever the question may be. There's no need for tests or other input. There's no need for external advice or ruminating over a checkered past to see if it fits a pattern. It just feels right. There are other factors, of course. I have one particular long term goal which determines whether I say yes to my boss or not. I have another life goal which determines whether I say yes to certain activities.
I received an offer today to participate in a program this Spring. It doesn't work for me. Knowing the short term goals and the effect on long term results, I had to beg off for the Spring. I respect the person who offered and have trusted them for years so saying no was difficult. And the “yes” was still in my mind. As it turns out, there is another program in the Fall. That timing is much better for achieving both goals.
Naturally, I said yes to the Fall program. No conditions. No excuses. No reasoning out of it. I am trusting the person who offered to poke me in the ribs to remind me though. I have a tendency to be a seat of the pants kind of guy and planning is... umm... not my strong suit. (That's an effing understatement.)
For shits and giggles, I did muscle testing when I got home from work. "No" to Spring. "Yes" to Fall. Trust the gut, Dude.
My point is this... know yourself, know your goals, know if you really want those goals, be open to shifts in course along the trail and say yes to anything that isn't harmful to you, others or your goal. The power of “yes” is agreeing to the right things which attracts more of those things into your life.
Of course, if you're still having difficulty making a decision, sniffing the wind seems to help.