I started blogging about eight years ago. At the time, I didn't know what "blog" was and didn't have any idea about what a blog post might be or what it should look like. I started the way I have always started... I dove in head first and started writing.

Over time, I developed a manner of speaking that turned into my voice. There are times when I wonder if that voice is being heard and there are other times when it doesn't really matter, so long as I am voicing my thoughts. Those thoughts are sometimes esoteric, sometimes personal, sometimes a sideways attempt at humour and sometimes a story that pops into my head spilliing out onto the page.

More often than not, I am searching for something when I write. More often than not, I'm not entirely sure what that something is. It's not an uncommon state for a writer. We're all looking for something ultimately. Whether we actually find it before we depart into the vast expanse of the universe is subjective. Only we can know.

I tend to talk about what enlightens me, what frightens me, what makes me happy or sad, what I think is messed up and what I think is right. Even though my thoughts are from an individual standpoint, I think they are often equally universal and occasionally might give someone a boost or insight they may be seeking and I'm fortunate enough to be there at the right time.

The world is a messy place and yet there is order in that chaos. There is a beauty in the random dance of life. A sort of chaotic symbiosis like the dance of fireflies or the turn of the Milky Way on a cool September night. The universe has a way of working things out in the chaos yet there are signs which we must look for or we might miss an opportunity to change what needs changing.

We are human beings, after all. We are subject to foibles and misgivings and triumphs and losses. We travel through this life seeking the new with a trail of memories scattered behind us collecting dust. We are not alone on this journey except that one place we cannot seem to fully explain or to fully comprehend even within ourselves; our minds, our dreams, our version of reality.

We teach what we most need to learn.

This, then, is my personalized take on all of it.