Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Good Morning Project

It's Fall today.

I'm looking forward to the last few kayaks with the colours painting the hills and dark water beneath me. It's a beautiful time of year and, at the same time, a sadness can grow as the trees give up for the year and shed their leaves. In Canada, it is not difficult to look at Fall as an ending if for no other reason than snow seems to be much too close for comfort. I think it's important to remember there are beginnings at this time of year as well.

Fall is the season of harvest, itinerant “v” shape migration, the return of chickadees, the aroma of steaming coffee on the deck in the morning, fresher smelling air, the smell of smoke from a neighbours fire and the incessant droning of chain saws. That last thing isn't so great but the other stuff is good.

There's a certain melancholy attached to fall. You're switching the lawn mower for the snow blower. You're putting things away that were brought out what seems like just yesterday. You're checking to see if the snow machine runs and if hockey gear is ready. The screens are coming off windows. You're making appointments for the winter tires, engine anti-freeze and oil changes.

I grew up first in a small neighbourhood and then in a small community. Life was simpler then because I had a lot less responsibility. I learned things as I went along. As I was walking today, I realized I was doing something I had learned by rote all those years ago and still carry with me now. I was waving and saying good morning to people I do not know. There was nothing dramatic about it or overt; just a simple wave to a passerby or a cheery “Good Morning”.

As much as it is a polite greeting from small town me, I found it was a lift of spirit for me as well. I felt better having connected for a brief moment.

It occurred to me there might be something to this and with fall coming on, there may be more use for it as days grow shorter and cooler weather slides in. We seem to have gotten away from the simple things in life that really make a difference. Those things that change a person's day; that reconnect us on a community level.

Maybe it is time to start again.

So here's the deal... choose 5 random friends from your Facebook list and wish them a good morning. (I think if you choose 5 random strangers it might get a little weird, ya know?). Do this for 14 days. The worst that comes out of it is you have said “Good Morning” to 5 people for two weeks.

One caveat... you have to post to their wall so everyone can see.

You don't have to explain the reason. You can put a link to this post if it seems a bit weird to explain. Or, you can simply say "I've chosen to say good morning to 5 random people a day... pass it on! Hopefully they will follow suit and begin posting their own good morning greetings.

Perhaps someday we might have the world saying “Good Morning” to each other.

For the record, I am not off limits. I like Good Mornings too.

So... to the 5 people who are receiving this message this morning... Good Morning... pass it on!