Monday, 15 October 2012

Where to Start

As with most projects, it can be difficult to know where to fire up the coal burning synapses. Becoming belligerent and launching the first shot over the bow can not only be hazardous (people have an uncanny knack of firing back), it can be downright rude.

Of course, I could just start with my name, rank and serial number which is dry as eating Death Valley dirt and generates about as much interest as a two AM info-mercial about the next stunning technological advances in cleaning your toilet with some form of duck thingy.

As I said, I could be incendiary; trying to blow things up right from the beginning. While it might generate interest, it could also spawn a law suit right from the start and I would rather get a few words in edgewise before being hauled away to a federally funded home away from home with free TV dinners, a weight room and bars of soap all over the shower floor.
I wonder sometimes about starting anything at all. What’s the incentive?

In the case of a blog, sometimes we simply have a need to say our piece and leave it at that. Other times, we wish to raise an issue and join the voices of thousands of others in an attempt to right a wrong. Maybe we are just letting our inner Shakespeare wobble his booty.

Whatever the reason, I think there needs to be an incentive to start on a path. Having a dream is sometimes enough for some folks. For others, it takes a bit more than that. Particularly when it comes to change. Change seldom happens until the pain of where we are becomes more unbearable than the pain of making the change. The idea is, like water, we’ll follow the path of least resistance.

In some cases though, we are not like water. We are more like a magnet to steel. We make changes because something is drawing us in that direction. That is, there is a draw we can’t seem to resist.

So the question remains, “Where do I begin?”

At the beginning, of course. Silly man.

And so it begins.