Saturday, 8 October 2016

Dear “Mr” Trump

Absence of respect, courtesy, manners, or admiration creates a state of poverty irrespective of the amount of money you have in the bank.”
Deepak Chopra

While I understand I don't speak for all men, I'm quite certain there are a majority of us who actually like women. 
During my entire lifetime, I have never spoken of a woman in the manner which you, "Mr" Trump, have in your recently released video debacle, whether publicly or privately. Nor have I spoken in this manner with a group of other men. The vast majority of your remarks when speaking of women are not only rude, but also smack of a person who hasn't grown out of his truculent, ill-mannered teens.
Your remarks and actions toward women are childish.
There are a great many men, of which you are not one, who respect women. Not respect because women are better or are different or are shapely, but because we recognize they are as much a part of who we are as we are of ourselves. These men cry and laugh and have feelings. These men care deeply for their spouses and mothers and sisters and daughters. These men don't assault women and brag about it. These men share their lives with women.
These men are men, not childish little boys in suit and tie.
Real men have no need to “keep anyone in their place”.
Real men have no reason to denigrate women physically or verbally to feed their ego.
Real men cook and clean and do laundry.
Real men have discussions with their spouses.
Real men don't use their position to cop a feel.
Real men behave as adults.
Real men understand the strength of a woman makes them better men.
Real men do not walk in front of women nor do they follow. They happily walk by their sides.
You, sir, are a child.
There are many men and women who will vote for you in this upcoming election. Unfortunately, I am not one of those who is able to counter those votes. I am not American. However, I am a man and, as any man from any country would be, am appalled by your remarks, whether they are current moronic tirades or idiotic remarks from a decade ago. I suspect there are men across the globe, some with as much affluence as you, who are disgusted by your actions. It seems that those whom you would respect for wealth and power are beginning to turn their backs on you.
Speaking for myself, I have little interest in your twisted apology nor your lame excuse that the video was shot “over a decade” ago. I have little interest in your attempted deflection of your behaviour toward Bill Clinton. I have little interest in your bashing of Hillary's relationship. I have little interest in you what-so-ever.
For women who may read this, please know “Mr” Trump's example is not normal behaviour for grown men. It isn't how we speak about women when we are “with the boys”. He is an example of what we, as men who love women, are not.
I would expect women to rise against you. I, for one, will be beside them... cheering.
From one Canadian to “Mr” Trump, please don't come to my country for a visit or vacation or official business, whether you are elected President or not. I would be forever grateful if you would stay within your own borders.
My point is you are a dangerous, uncontrolled, truculent teenager with far too much means to cause irreparable damage to anyone unfortunate enough to be in your presence. And not damaging just to women, which you clearly have done, but also to your country and potentially my country. 
Please, please, please...
Find a cave in the bowels of the Earth and live your life there.
I can only hope there are others who share my view.