Monday, 20 October 2014

Games Without Frontiers

This is a test... This is only a test.

How are you feeling today? Take a note of how you feel. (sad, happy, tired, etc). Maybe even write it down.

Now perform the following exercise. There's nothing tricky about it... honest. I can't do a Vulcan Mind-Meld. Trust me... I've tried.

Each line contains five words. As quickly as you can (not a speed test), make a coherent, grammatical sentence from each line using only four (4) of the words.
  1. him cannot liked she always
  2. from with Rome love temperature
  3. ball the throw toss silently
  4. shoes give caress meaningful a
  5. he observes occasionally people watches
  6. be will tomato happy she
  7. heart the elated inconclusive is
  8. should now connect forgetful we
  9. us hands sing happily let
  10. me make temperature smile they
Now... take note of how you are feeling. Is there a difference?

I really hope you have a great day.